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Dr. Jyoti Yadav


Dear Students, Welcome to Government College for Girls, Rewari, an Institute of an academic excellence and achievement. It was established in July 2008 following a long pressing demand of the public. The sapling which was planted fourteen years back is now gradually growing into a full tree. The college houses around 3500 girl students and imparting quality education to young women. Women are a great human resource and the role of women in the society is critical for the development of the nation. The College has all faculties i.e. Arts, Science and Commerce apart from these faculties job oriented courses like BCA and Post Graduation courses in M.Com, M.Sc. in Geography. We have a dedicated faculty who open the door for students but at the same time expect them to enter it by themselves. We mould our students to be self confident and pragmatic such that when they enter life after their studies, they face various challenges with courage, conviction and success. I am sure our students will always strive to uphold the dignity of our college. I wish our students all success in their endeavour.