Instructions for 1" & 2nd merit list of Admission Schedule:
1. Once the seat is assigned to the applicant by the college during the I't/2"d merit List on the
specified date and time as per Admission Schedule mentioned above, he/she will be asked to
deposit the fee . Fee must be deposited as per scheduled time otherwise the seat will be cancelled
2. Applicants who were allotted the seat in the I't /2nd merit but could not take admission or pay fee
due to any reason. will get a chance of admission in open counselling only if they give their
willingness online on the date of open counselling as mentioned above as specified in the schedule
through their respective login on the Admission Portal.
 3.Applicants admitted after the 1st /2nd merit list as per the schedule can give their     willingness to see admission in the higher preference as declared by the applicants if available by the date as specified in the schedule. Only upward mobility of preference will be allowed.
4.While implementing Reservation Policy on online admission software, rounding of number of seats will be done and in case of mismatch during bifurcation of seats by online admission software, the adjustment of number of seats will be done in Haryana Open General Category.
5.Merit lists will be prepared after considering all the weight age parameters along with the marks obtained in tell qualifying examination for all categories viz. All India General Category. Haryana Open General Category, SC/BC Category etc.
6.The applicant whose admission is confirmed, will submit his original migration certificate if he/she is from, any board other than Board school Education Haryana, in the college within ten days of his,/her admission so that, the same may be submitted by the college along with Registration Return to University.
7.All Principals of Govt. College of the State shall ensure that their staff will verify all such
application form of entire District which will be sent to them randomly by this office. There shall be no pendency in verification of forms. Verification must be completed on day to day